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May Update

First off, this is Allen - the Hound part of RecHound.

Allen says hi :)

In other news, here’s the latest since our last update: Beta Testing RecHound now has a number of testers working hard trying to break what we have made. We have received a ton of excellent feedback thus far, and I would say our app is working very strongly from a technical perspective. We’ve tightened up our user authentication process based on a few login issues we discovered, but bugs these days are actually quite few and far between (touch wood). A lot of the feedback we are receiving relates to the displaying of the app itself, and less about the technical or functional aspects of it, which is a great position for us to be in. We’re improving the user experience day to day based on the feedback we are receiving from our amazing testers. Xero Certification Update Exciting news on this front! After our first meeting with Xero we have been told that we are already very close to certification. The ball is in our court here, as we are currently working on the billing aspect of our application. We may be able to achieve a June release, which would land us around 2 months earlier than our initial expectations. Happy days! Feature implementations Due to this potential new release timeline, we have changed the scope of what we will be able to have implemented on release. At this stage, our Account Grouping feature will be delayed until post-release, but will be actioned as a priority in July/August. We also have a new priority feature which we aim to develop, relating to statement reconciliations in which you will be able to generate a target and view variances to this target as you tick your transactions off. I personally have never used this functionality in the past so it will be interesting to work with our current testers as we implement this one! As with grouping, this will be implemented post-release. Xerocon We aim to attend Xerocon Sydney this year! Pending the successful release of RecHound in June/July, Xerocon is absolutely on the cards! I’ve personally never exhibited at a conference before (have barely even attended many!) so I’m very excited to see what all the fuss is about. If you’re reading this and you’ve managed to score a ticket on the 23rd and 24th of August in Sydney then make sure you come and say hello! As always, if you wish to get in touch we would love to hear from you, shoot us a message at, or can also head to our contact form and message from there. Send us your best memes please, we need some to get through this next development phase... That's all for now - Be safe and stay warm this winter

All the best, Alex Lacota (Co-Founder)


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