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Feb Update!

Here's the latest from February:

RecHound now has a working prototype in the testing phase which is very exciting!

We have graduated from the test database to a full blown mid-sized business, where we have overcome a number of roadblocks. Many of these concerned the size of the database and the syncing required for this larger amount of data. We still have a fair bit to finalise in this space.

The logic for displaying our data worked perfectly during this phase, so we are confident that we have bedded this down properly.

Right now the biggest question we have is how to best view our supporting transactions, as well as handling reconciled transactions that have been voided. An update here and a test there and this will all be sorted soon!

Alpha testing is still on track for March/April at this stage. We will slowly add our beta testers in during this phase through an invite only model, and will work with Xero during this time to have our application approved for release. If you would like to become a Beta tester, please drop us a line and we will get back to you. If you have previously requested to become a Beta tester via our website or Facebook you are already on our list!

Tentative timeline for release remains around August this year - the countdown is on :)

We are tentatively aiming for our pricing to be around $50-60 AUD per month per entity, with discounts for multiple entities. This price is subject to changes that occur as RecHound is developed further, but hopefully we can stick to this ballpark.

Click the link below if you'd like to sign up to our mailing list for future updates!

Thanks again for the constant support, take care of yourselves!


Alex Lacota - Co Founder


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