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Referral credits up the wazoo!​




Receive a huge credit of 50% of your referral's total bill for their first 3 months, or $250 AUD credit per referral.

Whichever is higher, as many times as you want.


Tell your friends about RecHound and how we're shaking up balance sheet reconciliations, and earn a pretty substantial credit in return!

Use the form below to claim your referral, or just shoot an e-mail to with the name of your referral and we will do the rest :)

Fine print: 

Referral credits will be applied after the referral's first payment is made to RecHound, and will assume another 2 months of the same amount. If the monthly bill over the 3 months changes substantially, further credit will be applied/deducted if applicable. If a yearly payment is made, a prorated 3 months will be calculated. 

If the referral discontinues use of RecHound after first payment but within the first 3 months, a referral bonus of 50% of income over the lifetime of the referral will apply, and any pre-applied credit may be adjusted.

The spirit of our referral program is to split the income of our referrals for the first 3 months, with any application of this referral credit scheme is at the sole discretion of RecHound Pty Ltd.

Referrals will only ever be rewarded in RecHound credit, there will be no cash paid as part of this campaign.

Enter your referral application here and we'll do the rest!

Thanks for submitting!

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