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Spring has sprung!

What an epic few months it has been! Here’s the latest:

Firstly, we have been doing a ton of work on the backend. Most of these revolve around the non-so-sexy side of billing and syncing companies. We are confident that we have things in a pretty good space here, ready to attack our next big feature release.

Since we last spoke:

Audit report: We have released the Audit report feature due to popular demand. This was bumped up the chain and ended up being a bit easier to implement than we had anticipated. All users now have a usable PDF generated report so you can print off reconciliation information for your entity. We're planning an upgrade to excel down the track for this.

Online training pack: We have also released a selection of short videos helping you get started with your first reconciliations and some more in depth detail about RecHound.

What’s next:

Account grouping: We are 90% finished in terms of allowing accounts to be grouped together. This will make month end much simpler for asset/loan accounts and is the first step towards making RecHound a fully featured month end reconciliation tool.

Reconciliation Approvals: This is the big one, we're absolutely going to party when it's complete. This feature will enable a user review process for reconciliations, with reconciliations able to be ‘certified’ and hence locked down. This is an important tool which will put RecHound at the top of the pile when it comes to month end reconciliation governance. Create multiple approvers per rec, (or in fact no approvers if you’d like), and provide each user with their own dashboard showing their due/overdue recs to be completed, as opposed to the current state of showing all reconciliations to all users. Automated e-mails with due dates and team deadlines to be the side dish for this massive feature, probably added as an update down the track.

User roles: This is a feature which will enable RecHound owners to create roles for their team members. This requires the grouping and approval features to be in place. We will also be creating a “read only” role for auditors to use, with the hopes that come audit time you just give your auditors a login to view your recs and away you go!

Thanks for being part of the journey, as always feel free to reach out on Slack or book a meeting with me for any questions or demos you'd like :)

Stay safe out there and we'll be back with another update soon!

Alex Lacota (Co-Founder)


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