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July Update - Xero Certified!


Xero Certification

So we have officially been Xero certified! You can now find RecHound on the Xero app store here :)

We are very thankful to Xero for approving us so quickly - over 2 months ahead of our initial timeline. Shout out to Brian from the evangelist team who was a pleasure to work with, and was extremely communicative during the certification process. This officially brings our Beta testing to a close!

No more Beta testing, but...

We still want your feedback! Our goal is for RecHound to be your one stop shop for your reconciliations not only at month end but during the month as well. Your feedback is critical to our success, and although we have our next couple of major projects outlined already, we feel there is never too much information out there to help guide us forward.


We think RecHound already provides a top tier process for reconciling accounts, so we've decided that our next steps will involve developing a stronger foundation in reconciliation approval and management. This direction will involve 2 medium-term projects:

Project 1 - Account Grouping

Allow users to identify accounts they wish to be grouped and publish reconciliations based on these groupings. The fixed asset register, for example, may be comprised of many acccounts, but ultimately be reconciled to the current register within Xero. There is no need to have separate accounts for reconciliation purposes in this instance, which is why grouping is necessary.

Project 2 - User-specific approvals and dashboards

Administrators will be able to categorise staff as "owners" or "approvers" for certain accounts. This will allow for completed workpapers to be marked as "awaiting approval", and then finally "approved".

Dashboards for each user will be generated based on the accounts that they are required to complete or approve. We also aim to allow timelines to be generated to ensure that everything is completed on schedule at month end.

What are we up to now?

We've just starting to market RecHound around the traps in order to gain more users. We are only 2 people here at the Hound with a current goal of 100 active users. Our dream is to work full time on RecHound so that we can create a product that can kick month end where the sun don't shine. We have a secret project which we are desparate to trial which could be a game changer for month end reconciliations, with only time holding us back at the moment!

That's all for now, and here's a wholesome fact to take with you today:

The giant panda population has almost doubled since being classified as endangered, and as a result were taken off the endangered species list in 2016.

Ain't that peachy

Take care of yourselves! Alex Lacota (Co-Founder)


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