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How To: View Account Transactions

How to view transactions:

Open your transaction listing from within your reconciliation

From here you will see the account listing within your account. The balance here will always equal the "Unidentified" balance within your account



This screen allows you to view all of your transactions within your selected account.

From here, you can sort, filter, export, search and select transactions.

By default, the transaction listing filters out any transactions that have been:

- Reconciled

- Found in the current month's support

- Voided

You can remove these filters by selecting the Advanced button on the right hand side, and switching any of these filters on. 

The below toolbar actions can assist you in managing your transactions:

Columns - Add or remove columns from view. By default, the "Absolute" and "Entry Date" columns are hidden

Filters - Filter any column

Date Range - Input a date range based on the Transaction Date. (You can use the "Filters" button to filter by Entry Date"

Export - Export the selected transactions to a CSV file. If no transactions are selected, the entire list will be exported 

Reverse Selection - Press this button to deselect all selected transactions, and simultaneously select all unselected transactions

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